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What We Offer

Summit Performance delivers in-person and remote fitness programs, personal training, and nutrition coaching geared towards moving well, feeling amazing, and looking great. Whether you are a weekend warrior, elite athlete, or someone looking for guidance on beginning a healthier lifestyle, Summit Performance can meet your individual needs.  

Remote Coaching

Train with our methods anywhere in the world from an app on your phone.

One on One Coaching

1 on 1 Personal Training or small group instruction

Chicken Shish Kebab

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition focused on building durable habits and behaviors NOT "dieting"

Why You Should Work With Us

We value finding workout strategies that bring you enjoyment vs. another chore to get done in the day.


We value effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency over gimmicks and quick results. We're playing the long game!


We research the methods behind every one of our programs to make sure we stay grounded in science and guided by practice.


We understand that life happens, let us help you through all of the great times and the tough times.

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