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1 On 1 Personal Training

Healthy Lifestyle

Looking to start a new healthy habit? This is the program for you, a great fresh start to exercise. Individual sessions designed to jump-start your health.


Starting at $40 per 45 minutes

Fitness Coaching

With this program, you will be coached through a full workout catered to you as an individual. You will be pushed and motivated from start to end.  A great choice for someone wanting to take their health/fitness to the next level.

Are you a former athlete? Do you know your way around the gym? Just not sure on how to build a program or what programs to trust? Looking to make a jump from Healthy Lifestyle to a more intense program? This program is for you!

Starting at $60 per 60 minutes

Performance Training

This is the program for anyone wanting to be a bit more competitive in their sport (recreational or elite) These training sessions will be completely geared toward your performance goals: countering injury, improving movement efficiency, and developing a more durable high performing body.


Want to compete in powerlifting competitions? Complete a 100-mile race? Prep for college athletics? Become the best weekend warrior you can be? We will help you Summit your peak with this program. 

Starting at $100 per 60 minutes

Fitness Individualized

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Summit Performance is a firm advocate for individulized exercise.  Every one has unique backgrounds, abilities, personalities, and limitations, your workout regimen should reflect this. 

Reach new health and peformance heights when working with Summit Performance.  Not sure which program you would thrive in?  Fill out the information below and we will help choose which program is best for you!

Need Help Deciding on a Program?
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